July 17, 2008

Waste 1

Many years ago in my Urban Design days in SPA Delhi , I heard one of the most fascinating lectures on waste management . I don't remember the name of the person but he sure did kindle something deep down about urban waste . It has been on a low backburner all of this time till some time back , nothing drastic bjt a more concerted effort to deal with the waste we create .
The easiest part of it all is the organic waste from the kitchen and garden . All little scraps and pieces and waste go to my compost pile in the no man's land between the houses . Initially I was worried about the neighbors getting worried but one year down the line it doesn't seem to bother anyone and I have a constant supply of organic compost . Even gave some to our neighbor who showed some interest but then it was too much of a bother for him to separate the organic waste and walk 10 m up to the pile. So I continue with my solo crusade . To dispel some misconceptions
  1. Compost does not smell if you take proper care to turn it once in a while and strike a good balance between greens and browns.
  2. It does not attract rodents and the likes if one takes care to separate non-veg and dairy waste.

  1. we have cut down our waste to a third .
  2. we get nice black compost to grow our vegetables in .
  3. the garbage collectors say a silent thank you every time they cross our house ( they should if they don't )

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