July 19, 2008

Waste 2

Composting organic waste has a number of advantages
  • The amount of garbage is thrown out reduces considerably . On an average my garbage sack is half to one-thirds of wht it used to be .
  • Lesser garbage means that the garbage trucks carry lesser garbage halfway across the country to a garbage dump . It could eventually reduce the number of pickups which can be a considerable saving in energy transporting and managing .
  • Most organic garbage does not fully decompose in a garbage dump as there is too much of it competing for too little fresh air . Garbage in plastic bags is known to remain in its original state packed in nylon bags in a high methane surrounding for years on end. Even after the organic stuff breaks down there is no way of putting it to useful use as it is full of inorganic stuff of unknown antecedants . So organic matter in the garbage is effectively lost .
  • Even if garbage is separated and taken to a composting facility it involves a lot of energy expended in separating and moving it .
  • Organic matter goes back to where it belongs , into the soil to rise again like a phoenix as organic matter again .

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