June 28, 2006

Getting started with this blog thing

Took me some time to get started . Was too busy with the DIY webserver . alongwith Pushpullbar forum also taking a lot of eyeball time . Add to it the peripherals of making a living and raising a family ...
Pushpull bar is an architectural forum dedicated to contemporary modern architecture .Sketchup is the design tool of choice and generates a lot of discussion on the boards . Sketchup was recently acquired by google and very soon a free version of sketchup was offered for anyone who wants to get his hands dirty with 3D modelling .
The other distraction I had was the the DIY webserver site . I am trying to put up a website for my wife which at the moment is called Architecture without architects aka Architecture for the Cattle class. At the moment the website is only an empty page but once it starts running it should have be a forum for people who are interested in architecture , not just for professionals. The beauty of it all , once it starts running , will be that the forum will be served from my homecomputer running open source software , Apache , PHP, MySql and SMF SMF is s wonderful piece of software that allows just anybody to start running a forum once he figures out the PHP Mysql part . If somebody does your hosting , you can rest easy and an not worry about the php, mysql part .
Somehow these two distractions will come together with the forum becoming an online class for sketchup I suspect :-) .

The proposed Calatrava bridge in Jerusalem modelled in Sketchup

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