June 28, 2006

So what exactly is Butter chicken

The story goes that one day a small restaurant in post partition Delhi called Moti Mahal received a high standing patron after closing time . The kitchen was nearly closed for the night . So the intrepid chef took a tandoori chicken some tomato gravy , cooked the two together and at the finishing moments put dollops of butter in it . That day butter chicken was born . Of course it has nothing to do with Jerusalem , butter chicken is the very opposite of kosher . It in a way is a misfit here the way I am .
The name is borrowed from Pankaj Mishra's 'Butter Chicken in Ludhiana' , a travel book about small town India .
Disclaimer : I have no connection whatsoever to Pankaj Mishra or Penguin India but I wouldn't mind if they pay me for giving them free publicity :-)

Tandoori chicken ..

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